Week two!  This playlist is to accompany the Grindhouse/Punk/Bleeding Edge movie recommendations you can find here.  This list should be listened to in order to get you through the storm.


I was a Teenage Werewolf – The Cramps – The Cramps are the champs. You need horror rock and roll, this is the source.

Triple Hexxx Curse – Kreeps – Horror, surfy, grimy, rock and roll heaven started with the Cramps, but its alive and well and nobody holds the title better than Dom Kreep and his venerable KREEPS.

Dark Days – DJ Shadow – This theme music for an excellent documentary makes for irrefutably moody atmosphere. Timeless and visceral, like Halloween was meant to be.

The World Ender – Lord Huron – Hipped to this song by Incroyable. Perfect anthem for flying head first into the storm, and never looking back.

It’s the Mummy – The Chimps – Have you seen MAD MONSTER PARTY? HAVE YOU SEEN MAD MONSTER PARTY??? Also in steady rotation in the Peculiar Pretzelmen tour van.

My Body’s a Zombie for you – Dead Man’s Bones – I was skeptical, but this song will get right under your skin and never leave. Also apparently this is a Ryan Gosling related project … so bonus. Special shout out to Ken “RABBIT FOOT” Long, too.

Monster Mash – Bobby Boris Pickett – Go ahead I dare you to act like you don’t get psyched when this shit kicks off this time of year.

Werewolf Bar Mitvah – 30 Rock – Once you get the giggles its best to just run with it.

Don’t Look in the Freezer – Doctor and the Crippens – Incroyable heard this song forever ago and never quite got it out of his head. So now he’s trying to inflict the rest of us.


Pet Sematary – Ramones – Hey I don’t want to be buried in a Pet Sematary (sic) either.

Dead Hate the Living – Peculiar Pretzelmen – Incroyable has the keys to the weird voodoo war sound castle. (ALSO MY HEART)

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