Interested in going?  On the surface the Anthology is a variety show focusing on the darker side of performance art.  The performers are of a higher caliber and the setting is aesthetically fitting and intimate.  There’s more to it though once you get to the heart of the gatherings.  You have to go and ask to find out.

We gather virtually every last Friday!

The October showing is on the 30th.

Performances by:
Joe Black – Variety UK
Maggie McMuffin – Burlesque NY
Black Hearts Society – Variety
Sailem – Burlesque MO
Michelle Francis – Aerial TX
Mia Maravilla – Burlesque
Sister Kate Dance Co – Dance
Rummy Rose – Burlesque OR
Lyra a Deux – Aerial – OR
La Petite Mort Mort – Performance art
Kevin Incroyable – Maestro

Show @ 9ish