482927_545973165428725_1074262345_nLa Petite has been evoking bloody evil erotic incantations for years as a producer and a performer.  She specializes in performance art and dabbles in many other forms such as strip tease, as a songstress and a violinist.  She’s been dubbed Seattle’s Queen of Gorelesque although the feel is more macabre and less slasher flick.562458_445942032158749_1456230208_n Some of her appearances include, Freaksheaux to Geaux, The Dirty Dime Peepshow, The Seattle Art Museum, MoPop, Whedonesque, The Steampunk Exhibition Ball, Steamcon, SEAF, Stripped & Screwed Disney After Dark, Misfit Cabaret, Moisture Festival and Cabaret Macabre.

The most recent incantation is La Petite Morts Anthology of Erotic Esoterica.  It is a dark and intimate variety show highlighting performers from all over the world.  Most notably the show was included in the Body of Work: Tattoo Culture exhibition at MoPop.

Miss Mort has produced (and retired) The Dark Cabaret with an amazing sell out streak.  It’s a more classic cabaret and has included performances focused on variety and live music.

Morbid Curiositease, in which she has teamed up with M. Incroyable of the Peculiar Pretzelmen, is a variety show encompassing many spooky themes.  The show includes burlesque peppered with variety performances and live music.  It’s currently a monthly show on the 2nd Friday of each month, bringing in talent from around the globe.600813_449257008493918_779342636_nA little about the Dastardly Duo:

“There are storms, there are earthly conundrums, and there are violent and virulent meetings than can never be undone. Such we find the dark, sticky mess of metaphysical mystery springing from the communion of Seattles own La Petite Mort and the roving raging maniac M. Incroyable. Miss La Petite has been evoking bloody evil erotic incantation for years and now met with Incroyables sorcerous sinister sonority they mine the deepest trenches of human depravity drizzled with crooked rusty nails of romance. Its torch singing for arsonists, duets of depravity, and a terribly good excuse to have a strong drink.”


La Petite Mort’s Anthology of Erotic Esoterica