It’s not just fall, it’s OCTOBER. The time of year when everyone’s blood gets a chill and all the shadows get a little shimmy and shake. Its spooky and sexy and fun and that’s how we like it at Morbid Curiositease/Casa de Mort. We’re offering up some film suggestions to go along with our favorite halloween music to get you good and ready for the best of all holidays.


Dead Alive –  It’s been described as the bloodiest movie of all time.  There’s romance, monkeys and a zombie baby.  Do you actually need more information than that? Its wild, unhinged and hilariously horrifying. Three great tastes that taste great together.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Incroyable claims this is the best horror movie of all time. La Petite Mort admits to being legitimately unsettled by it. Its raw, wicked, viciousness and it created a mold that still gets watered down by dozens of movies every year. Accept no substitutes, this is concentrated punk terror Texas size.

Night of the Living Dead – Certainly one of the most important horror films ever made and not least of which for sowing the seeds that would grow into a wild jungle of zombie mythology. La Petite Mort says,  “I met Barbara at ZomBcon one year and she was an absolute delight.  She was very interested in my burlesque performances which gives this movie a very special place on my list.”


Suspiria — “The most vicious murder scene ever filmed.” Classic Italian moody macabre from the master Argento. You’ve heard of it, maybe you even lied to people and said you’ve seen it. Do not pass go, do not stop to make popcorn, go watch this movie. (You can make popcorn.)


Evil Dead – La Petite Mort says “This is without question my favorite movie of all time… this is where my epic crush on Bruce Campbell began.”

Bonus Recommendation from frequent Morbid collaborator and Incroyable’s co-conspirator Dom Kreep of the Kreeps

Carnival of Souls – “Dreamy, hinterlandish in a kind of proto-Lynch fashion. Strong Influence on the Kreep’s Spirit Clinic album.”

Check out the Spirit Clinic record and more by the Kreeps

There you go gang, go get your spook on, and we’ll see you Friday with La Petite’s Ghoulish groovy mixtape part 2 on Friday.


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