The Anthology has given me life lately.  It’s what I have always wanted out of a show.  Each one is truly individual and takes on a personality of it’s own based on the performers and the audience.  It’s a strange and erotic, symbiotic relationship.

Season II starts March 31st.  Each season has it’s own theme and vibe.  March is going to get a bit darker and delve into more introverted concepts and ideas.  Audience members can dig as deep or stay as above ground as they’d like.  It’s a pick your own adventure of entertainment.  I slip hints here and there.  Sometimes it’s blatant and other times more discreet.  Almost everything is a clue.

The first season had simple themes such as blood, ravens, water, poison, and death.  Together they all tie to specific literature.  It’s never disclosed what the theme is.  Feel free to guess and I will certainly tell you if you are correct.

Join us.

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