Its HALLOWEEN WEEK! Are you feeling spooktacular yet or what? These are the best moody, sexy, romantic burners we could find to get us and you in the mood for October’s chapter of the Anthology of Erotic Esoterica.

The Orphanage –  La Petite Mort says, “It’s chilling and spectacularly done.  Bust out the tissues now.”


Devil’s Backbone – Maybe the definitive Del Toro movie. Hints of folktale, gorgeously shot, and chillingly told.

Let the Right One In – La Petite Mort says,   “It’s so good I read the book.”  Seriously this is, without question, one of the most compelling and unexpected entries in the vampire canon. GTFO with that American remake bullshit. You want the pure uncut stuff.

Cemetery Man – Zombie studded creepfest, sexy graveyard romance, thick veins of absurdist comedy. Obviously a favorite around the Morbid Curiositease headquarters.

What We Do In the Shadows – Hilarious, heartbreaking, and just the right amount horrific. A successful abuse of  a myriad of horror movie tropes. The world needs more of this kind of weird.


BONUS PICKS: This week its  a twofer as Morbid’s own terror twins argue for their selection.

Anna Clara Bouyant says ROSEMARY’S BABY: “A relevant and cautionary tale.”

CZECH MATE says THE SHINING, or maybe GOODNIGHT MOMMY: “Because scary twins.”

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