So much of the modern Horror lexicon was carved in stone during the 1980s. Well it was for a lot of us anyway. Here’s this weeks freaky film list for our favorite month at Morbid Curiositease.

American Werewolf in London - Core classic with body horror, curses, belligerent zombie/ghosts, that hazy focus softcore sexiness that carried over from the 70s, and MOTHER FUCKING GRIFFIN DUNNE.



Fright Night - Great vampire movie, neatly adorned with all the proper 80s flavors. Bonus points for having Jack Skellington’s voice.

Hellraiser - One of Incroyable’s favorites in the genre. With psychopathic interdimensional pleasure junkies. “Confess!”

Night Breed – La Petite Mort says “They’re like super heroes but freaks.  It’s great!”

The Shining – Slow burning, creepy, ghost story of the vicious kind. Madness, death, and weird psychic kid. The triumverate.

Bonus Pick of the Week From Deacon Marrquin of the PECULIAR PRETZELMEN 

HALLOWEEN “Ex-Mechanic/gardener/big fella who dons a mask of Captain Kirk terrorizes small town in search of overaged high school girl. Lots of reference to stabbing. Five stars.”


That’s it for this week’s movies. Stay tuned for more tunes coming on Friday. HAPPY HAUNTING, EVERYBODY.

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