I know you some of you are bummed I didn’t do a Dark Cabaret this year.  I have such lofty goals for it, but what I really want is for it to be back to it’s roots.  Small and intimate with a stellar cast is where i’m aiming.  I have the first 4 months cast already and the talent is fantastic.  It’ll be the last Friday of every month and we are calling The Conservatory our new home.  Here’s a little insider info about the show:

“The time has come for us to gather once again.  The initiation ceremony for my Anthology of Erotic Esoterica is February 26th, 2016.  If you desire to conceal your identity masks are encouraged.  If you happen to forget your mask, one will be provided for you, if you so choose.

When you arrive at The Conservatory you will be presented with your membership token.  This token grants you VIP at all subsequent gatherings which are the last Friday of each month.  VIP entitles you to a table close to the performers and the totem of the evening.  The totem will be in line with the motif of each show.  If you happen to miss the opening ceremonies, you can request your membership token at any of the events.”

February lineup includes:

La Petite Mort – Variety
Gale Force Force – Stilts & Aerial
Kevin Incroyable - Music
Jesus La Pinga – Burlesque
The Lady B – Burlesque
Judy Patootie – Portland
Infamous Nina Nightshade – Portland

March lineup includes:

La Petite Mort – Variety
Kevin Incroyable – Music
Vox Fabuli Puppets – Variety
Kat Ross – Belly Dance
Jovie Devoe – Burlesque
Dee Dee Pepper – Burlesque Portland
Czech Mate – Burlesque

April lineup includes:

La Petite Mort – Variety
Kevin Incroyable – Music
Jesus la Pinga – Burlesque
Maggie McMuffin – Burlesque & Variety
Mistress Kali - Variety/Sideshow
Danse Carousel – Belly Dance

More TBA
Tickets for February can be found here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2480454
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