Unholy Masquerade

Unholy Masquerade

This year I hemmed and I hawed about the Dark Cabaret.  I have such high aspirations and expectations about it and I just set myself up for disappointment.  The performers are always amazing, the back stage folk are the best you can get but what I really want to do is much more theatrical and it’s just not something available to me right now.

The other thing I love is the Mardi Gras style rawkus live music and performance style shows.  Everyone has fun for these and nobody else is doing that around here.  You need it, you really do.

Halloween is on a Saturday and so how can I not throw a party.  I decided the Dark Cabaret is too seated for such an auspicious party night, so I’m throwing a Masquerade Ball.  It’s going to be very small and intimate but it’ll be a great party.  Two bands, including the Peculiar Pretzelmen and a new Klezmer band.  The Klezmer band will play during the cocktail hour at the top, then the Pretzelmen are doing two hours alongside performers and some ambient performances.  To close out the night we have a DJ.  There should be a bit of something for everyone.

Like I said, it’s very limited and the venue is gorgeous.  I’d love to spend this Halloween with you.  Details below if you’d like to join me!

There’s a couple of discounted tickets left if you use pword “Midnight”



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