Another Dark Cabaret is in the works!  Since the L’Ochestre d’Incroyable has been such an amazing addition to the Morbid Curiositease shows, I’ve decided to have them as the band.  They kind of steal the show every time!  There will be performances to the live music as well.

This installment includes the juggler Nickolai Pirak, puppets by Vox Fabuli, modern dance by Shannon Amoureux, burlesque by Jesse Belle Jones and a little Broadway by Izzy Insidious.  You might recognize Izzy if you’ve been to past shows.   I’ll be singing with the orchestra, maybe a violin solo, and a strip tease or two.

There is an underlying Voodoo theme for this show.  The treat this time will be Voodoo cookies and the VIP section aka Splatter Zone will receive chocolates and a Voodoo goodie bag.

I do hope you’ll join us!



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