You may have noticed I’ve been putting on a newish run called Morbid Curiositease. The Dark Cabarets are about twice a year and I’m moving it to the Annex Theater in June.  Since the DC run sells out so quickly and is always so extremely macabre, I have this new project that can be anything and everything.  The April show is terrifying, but the May and July runs are looking to be light and stylized.  As with all my shows it’s very heavy on the music.  My co-producer (and life partner/better half) is in charge of the music.  He’s assembled an orchestra with some amazing and well known musicians.   It’s a rotating cast depending on the show and the theme but GOD damn they are good.

Here’s a little snippet about us:

There are storms, there are earthly conundrums, and there are violent and virulent meetings than can never be undone. Such we find the dark, sticky mess of metaphysical mystery springing from the communion of Seattle’s own La Petite Mort and the roving raging maniac M. Incroyable. Miss La Petite has been evoking bloody evil erotic incantation for years and now met with Incroyable’s sorcerous sinister sonority they mine the deepest trenches of human depravity drizzled with crooked rusty nails of romance. It’s torch singing for arsonists, duets of depravity, and a terribly good excuse to have a strong drink.


You can like us on facebook.  We give away tickets and hand out promo codes from time to time  https://www.facebook.com/MorbidCuriositease

You can also visit our website for merch and random shenanigans  http://morbidcuriositease.com/

Entertaining promo videos



Here’s even a little song we did at the December show



We are actually taking our show on the road later this year.  The West Coast and New Mexico will be our first stops.  Then who knows.  Before that though you can see us at the following shows:

Morbid Curiositease: Bombshelter Burlesque and Catastrophe Cabaret – 4/20/2013 http://morbid.brownpapertickets.com/

Morbid Curiositease: Viva la Loteria – Cinceo de Mayo  http://morbidv.brownpapertickets.com/


10/31/2013 has big things in the works.  Very big things.  A select few will be receiving in invite.  You’ve been warned!

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