I’ve been working on this production and I must say, it’s likely to be the best thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of creating. Not only are the performers MAGNIFICENT, but the music is all original material written for the show and performed by L’Ochestre d’Incroyable. The orchestra is the brain child of Kevin Incroyable of the Peculiar Pretzelmen who is also my co-producer for all the Morbid Curiositease. The burlesque portion almost seems like the excuse to make this theater piece.

The concept is we’re all putting on this cabaret in a bomb shelter. It’s all very theatrical and music heavy peppered with burlesque. It’s also terrifying. I have a goal of always doing something new. I don’t want to repeat the same show and I certainly want to push the limits of burlesque and performance art. This certainly accomplishes pushing the boundaries of a burlesque show.

I sincerely meant it when I said it’s terrifying. It’s also beautiful.

Ticketing info (password blitzkrieg)

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