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Join me yet again, as an offering to celebrate the closing of the season of the dead with a dark, decadent evening of reverie in various forms. Cherry Manhattan will lead you through the art of death. Whether it be pain or pleasure, there will surely be something to suit your senses. Featuring: The LA based Peculiar Pretzelmen will provide auditory enjoyment with their madman’s brew of rock, avant-americana, pre-war blues, and hammer & brimstone – a wicked concoction of both poison and antidote.

Twisted Monk will astonish you with his theatrical rope suspension bondage art.
Miss J9 Fierce will dance her way into your black hearts. She’s a solo fusion belly dancer and a member of the Blackmoor Traveling Picture Show.
Hailing from Coney Island The Shock Doc brings you a darker sideshow experience.  Not for the faint of heart….well he is a Dr.  Trained in highly specialized medicine at Columbia and Harvard universities, The Shock Doc has combined his extensive body of scientific western medical knowledge with long forgotten secrets of the sideshow.
Professor Gall is joining us from Portland. The contradictions of an ambiguous and native-less society, ‘dreaming the existentialists’ dream’, while at the same time pleading for individualism, peace, and more fun at funerals. A Tincture of Junkyard Folk and Steampunk Jazz.
Deidra is half of the production duo AtmosFear.  Here to provide you the best and most unusual in bellydance, burlesque, fire, and other alternative performance art.
I too will humbly perform with Twisted Monk and Red Rocket.
Treats, as always will be provided to make sure all senses have been appeased.
A limited number of discounted pre-sale tickets are available.  To ensure availability the ticket releases will be staggered. $18 Pre-sale, $23-$25
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