After a little break, I’m happy to announce La Petite Mort’s Dark Cabaret for the Dead as my next showcase, on November 3rd at The Rendezvous.  I was able to sweet talk the Peculiar Pretzelmen from LA to be the auditory enjoyment.  I’m waiting on a couple more confirmations but Twisted Monk, Deirdra,  myself, and someone you might not have seen before, The Shock Doc, will entertain and amaze you!

Diva was not available, but I would never let you down.  Cherry Manhattan will be your hostess for the evening and she is spectacular!

As always, treats will be provided.  This one is pretty obvious.  You’re a smart audience, I think you can guess what Sam will be slaving away over.

More details to follow but in the mean time check out the talent!


Tickets are available.  Limited discount pre-sales with promo code “peculiar”


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